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Why Membership Matters

Almost a year ago, I wrote:

Memberships are not about a money grab at all, they are about people being rewarded for their efforts, but also to know that people enjoy what they are putting out. Bloggers don’t always get page views; we don’t have subscriber counts or post likes - so these types of things help.

I wanted to try and get something back for the years I have put in. Granted many of them failing and kidding myself, but they are still years — tens of tousands of tweets, photos, podcast episodes and hosting all for free.

I longed to be supported and feel at least a little bit of validation. I am amazingly thanfull for the people that contributed, but my mebership failed. Getting no where near the responce I expected form the people around me. My post reads still come from Google searchs and not from social media.

Does that mean my efforts where in vain? I still got the enjoyment out of it. Typing away, editing away or just talking to people.

Would I do it again? Perhaps not.