Diving Into Apple Notes

Despite two major updates in resent years I’ve skirted around Apple notes usage, both for hand-written pencil ones and also writing things down, yet never used it fully. There isn’t any good reason for this, many people use the stock notes app to the best of its abilities, it’s just never really ‘clicked’ - until now.

Notes are the cornerstone of my life, more so as I get older, I just have to write stuff down rather than rely on my memory. I need to take meeting notes, I need to share information for my podcast and I need to make shopping lists so I don’t go hungry. When I add into this mix the fact I like to write a Journal and also write my blog posts, I end up with things spread all over the place.

If I can’t remember to buy food, I sure as hell won’t remember if I put my blog post idea in Ai Writer, Drafts or whatever cool app I’m using at this moment in time. You see I’ve skirted around all sorts of apps to do this with varying degrees of success (the closest was Bear) but nothing really stuck. So I decided on all my requirements and the Stock Apple Notes app was the closest.

Wish me luck!

Greg Morris @gr36