Greg Morris

Have Your Opinion

The other day I decided to return to Twitter. It wasn’t a tough choice, I love Twitter (mostly), but it perhaps wasn’t the best day to do so. You see I’d been taking a break from posting much socially, and was quite enjoying the quiet time. It gave me more to talk about on my podcast because I wasn’t sharing anything at all. Unfortunately, I made this decision on the day that Apple began rolling out its credit card, and you’re not allowed to have a differing opinion about that.

The reality is I’m not bothered what your opinion is, your entitled to think whatever it is you wish. There is however, a right way to go about it, and a proper way to hold an opinion. You don’t need to cradle and nurture it, defend it to your last breath. Feel free to hold it up and have some force applied to it, and if it breaks, be willing to get a new one.

Needless to say I have backed away again.