Have You Ever Seen A Thought Take Shape?

I have, and what a strange thing it is. When Lucie looks at me blanked when I’m saying simple words, I might as well be speaking Chinese. Then all of a sudden she hears a word she knows - drink.

She becomes dead still the moment the last syllable leaves my lips. Her eyes focus as she grasps for the meaning of that word she enjoys so much. I can almost see her synapses firing as her face relaxes and softens. Her mind is reaching right to the depths of her memory and grabbing the few words she has recognised, and I can see it right in her face.

She agrees, she’s sure she agrees, that sounds like something she would want doesn’t it.

Almost there!

Yes! I do want a drink!

I know exactly what this person is saying. Drink!

Lucie smiles and nods her head in agreement. Excited by the thought if not only getting a drink but she recognised a word!

She throws her drinks bottle at me, it hits me square in the eyebrow. Heartwarming moment over.

Greg Morris @gr36