Loosing Exercise Is The Hardest Thing

Even as I type these words it is hard for me to write but I feel I need to - I’m really struggling with life.

Since having a stupid accident 2 weeks ago I have been feeling up and down. By simply falling over chasing my son I’ve completely turned my world upside down. The constant pain is all but gone, and my range of motion is coming back but I just can’t get active again and it’s killing my mental health.

I can’t even sit on a bike for more than 30mins without having to stop because I can’t put my hands on the handles bars. I haven’t even attempted running or using the cross trainer. Today was agony for 30mins but I just had to get it done to try and make myself feel better.

I know what you’re thinking - so you can’t exercise big deal. I have no doubt that others have much bigger problems than me but going from exercising lots and always being on the go to simply being unable to has put a huge dent in me. Exercise has never failed to pick me up, give me much more energy for life and also give me some time out when I need it.

Taking that away from me has been the hardest thing to deal with.

Greg Morris @GR36