My Shoulder

Over the last few days I have been really struggling with the damage I’ve done to my shoulder. Thankfully most of the general pain has stopped but it still hurts when I try and use it, which admittedly isn’t very often.

It hurts much more when in a sling than it does if just resting it in my lap or or a chair arm - but then I run the risk of forgetting and using it more.

Due to ligament damage my collar bone moves around constantly with cracks and crunches but I feel stupid not being able to do anything. Other than my shoulder I’m absolutely fine but very frustrated at the hassle it’s caused from something some minor. I almost wish I had broken something to at least be able to guess at a time frame.

I’ve returned to work for a couple of days but honestly don’t know how long that will last due to constant pain. I’m not allowed to drive, All in all I’m pretty fed up.

Greg Morris @GR36