Opt Out Ad Blocking

Since the introduction of content (advert) blocking on iOS I have constantly had one installed. Not because I don’t want to support websites that I read, but because far too many go too far. In order to this ethically I have adopted an opt in tactic, in which all adverts are allowed unless the website proves otherwise. If there are too many, or annoying auto play videos then I’ve added it to a ‘blacklist’ in the app, and also made a mental note to visit the website less often.

Unfortunately this practice is becoming untenable and I am now going to have to do it in reverse. I’ve visited a few websites today that were literally plastered in adverts. Multiple banners at the top of webpages and even worse adverts between paragraphs of the text I am trying to read.

How on earth do you expect people to read anything when the adverts on only break up your text but in many instances break the formatting of your website? Scrolling becomes a pain when the banners remove any attempt at mobile formatting and many times are over navigation items. It is a shame to have to do this, but it is impossible to continue if things don’t drastically change.

Greg Morris @GR36