Greg Morris

Most Social Algorithms Suck

Do you ever think that some media companies just completely miss the point. I liked an Instagram post yesterday of a rock climber. It was really cool shot caught the moment well and had really vivid colours. Completely forgettable, because I can’t even find it now.

I bet you can guess what’s happening now! Instead of just moving on with scrolling through my feed, Instagram now thinks I’m into rock climbing and bombards me with with images related to it. The algorithm completely missed the point - I liked the picture but that doesn’t necessarily relate to the subject.

I might like a nice landscape shot of a lake or mountain range. That doesn’t mean I need to see every version of that type of shot uploaded to Instagram. Much like if I buy something from a site that uses Adsense I don’t need to be followed around the internet for months.

Algorithms have their place but perhaps they need some more user input. Do users need to be able to say if they want to see more, why they liked a post, or in fact regret tapping on it?