Greg Morris

Thinking About My Micro.Bloging

I’ve been blogging for years now and the same questions still come up. What do I want to achieve and where do I want to go? I don’t want to do anything with blogging per se, but I want it to feel good for me when I’m writing and give the right impression to whoever reads the post.

I’m an avid supporter of indie web, so I want to keep control of my content but I just can’t decide where I want it to go. I’ve toyed with WordPress so many times it’s silly at this point. Jekyll is starting to show signs of not being up to the job of everything I want to do, other similar things look promising - but this leads me to again.

You might look back and notice my post history is very short, there are so many posts I have deleted and I’m thinking or having another purge of useless things. Only because I think far to much about the flow of my blog and this so where really falls down for me.

I want the landing page to be just the posts I choose, not absolutely everything. This might fly in the face of what indie blogging is all about, but I still think seeing everything should be a choice not a requirement. I want the posts that I choose to be on the front page, not just the latest.

If visitors want to see everything, they can, but I don’t want to shove everything in their face at first. For all I know this might already be possible, but help articles are hard to dig through and much of the useful stuff I could do seems buried in other people’s posts.

This boils down the the fact that I’m not convinced long and short posts should be mixed. Fair play if that’s where you want to be, but I’ve tried and I just can’t make it look or feel good. I need to do things all or nothing, and I can’t give too many things the attention they need. If you can help, then please do - because you’re my only hope.