I used to be a tech blogger.

Well I thought I was anyway, I lived a life that looked a little bit like one, and I was perfectly happy with that. Yet over the past few weeks I have become less and less interested in anything ‘news worthy’. Even less interested in writing about it, and can only just muster enough enthusiasm to talk about it on BYOD Podcast.

I always feel a little bit like this when there is an ‘S’ iPhone upgrade, but more so than ever I just have more important things that interest me. My constant stream of new phones in order the get the latest and greatest have been replaced by a simple tool to get the job done.

Granted that tool cost £900 - but it does the job that two phones and a tablet did before it. I just can’t, at the moment in time, get excited about technology. Perhaps the Apple event on Wednesday may change that, but when all the drama happens I would much rather close twitter and do something else than pile in with my opinion and join the discussion. Which is not like me at all.

I feel a little empty inside…

Greg Morris @GR36