Really enjoyed The Legend Of Cocaine Island. Great story and shot really well.

So far from my wheelchair!

Sitting In The Chair

I don’t have an issue when it comes to my motivation to want to do things. However more time than not I manage to talk myself out of them with half arsed excuses or overplay things as a reason to quit. I’ve done this so many times, over years of my life it’s actually really stupid what I’ve missed out on.

Writing and podcasting have been huge influences in my life but I still manage to talk myself out of doing things and now is the time I stop.

I must, and I urge others to do the same, sit in the chair and do it. These urges come from a place of self loathing, and self sabotage, but ultimately low confidence in myself. I can write about imposter syndrome or depression all I like but there really is no excuse not to just do it.

On a positive note, two podcast recorded this week and another scheduled for next week.

Starting to get longer runs in now the weather is better. Really enjoyed today’s run in the sun

It’s beginning to look a lot like a podcast

Who would you most like to see me talk to on my podcast?

Lazy motivation Thursday

Feedback isnt feedback unless its constructive.

Simply saying you dont like something is perfectly fine and valid, but dont hide behind the idea that its helping anyone.

Family time is the best when times are tough

The Weirdness Of Company

The last couple of days I have been completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve been out on the road as normal, in Scotland for a few days, but this time the family came with me.

It’s surprising to me how weird it feels not being on my own for hours. We checked into a hotel I’ve stopped in numerous times, but this time with company. It feel so strange to be unpacking my things in a familiar space, but to also have other there doing the same.

I already know I spend too much time alone and today really brought those feelings home. I am glad that I have spent time travelling the country and seeing new things whilst building relationships, but pleased it is coming to an end. Spare a few thoughts for sales reps, engineers and delivery drivers that do this task; all without company.